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Games can be used as a challenging scenery for benchmarking methods from computational intelligence since they provide dynamic and competitive elements that are germane to real-world problems. This conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss recent advances and explore future directions in this field.

The IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games is the premier annual event for researchers applying computational and artificial intelligence techniques to games. The domain of the conference includes all sorts of CI/AI applied to all sorts of games, including board games, video games and mathematical games.

The yearly event series started in 2005 as symposium, and is a conference since 2009. An overview over the past CIG conferences is here, where you also find the proceedings. CIG 2014 will be hosted in the Park Inn hotel in the city center of Dortmund, a vibrant, technology-oriented city in the Ruhr area, Germany's largest metropolitan area with around 5 million people.